A Decade of Missing the Point

Scholastic, Inc.’s “On Our Minds” blog has published their list of the decade’s top ten Big Ideas in Education. There are a few great things here. I think it’s wonderful that there are more ways to get into the teaching profession now, and that more schools are connecting with their local communities.  Most of what’s on this list, however, are variants on the same failed themes we’ve seen before: more testing (which now goes by the name “accountability”), and more reporting on every child and every school, and more fancy technology, which is supposedly going to fix everything.

What is  sad though, are all the themes not on this list: respect for children, respect for individuality, respect for teachers, education for peace, or any interest in how children actually learn or experience the world. The true tragedy is that none of those things belong on this list. These have not been themes in education.

May the next decade bring with it a true interest in childhood.


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