Mindful Schools

This is a really cool program to teach secular mindfulness meditation in “inner city” schools in the East Bay. They go into each classroom for about 15 minutes three times a week for five weeks and teach meditation techniques. There are actually a bunch of programs like this around the country (check out the links), and they seem to be doing a lot of good. I have to say that a 45 minute per week peacefulness and compassion add-on in an environment that isn’t really built for compassion seems like pissing in the wind, but I truly hope that this will give some kids who live in pretty tough circumstances some tools to cope. (Sadly, they’re encountering resistance from the Religious Right, who are trying to get their program shut down on the grounds that it violates Separation of Church and State.)


One thought on “Mindful Schools

  1. Elise Huneke Stone says:

    I believe that this was taught here in Oregon schools for a while, too…I think my friend Delila was involved with it. She thought it was amazing.

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