An optimistic look at the ‘Noughties’

Since the “new decade” supposedly just began (though if you want to be fussy about it, it’s not for another year), everyone seems to have their own review of the last decade. Most of these have been pretty negative, and not without reason. A lot of things did suck about the past decade, and the last year was especially tough for a lot of Americans, which has to color everyone’s view of the whole decade.

But it wasn’t all bad.  I was pleased to see this post on YES! Magazine’s website listing twelve positive trends from the past decade. I admit, most of these trends are not large enough to have had a serious impact on the collective inertia of Americans, at least, but I think the author is right, at least about some of them. Eating local has gone mainstream. It may still be a small movement, but it’s not a fringe movement anymore. People are finally paying serious attention to human-caused environmental problems, even if that attention hasn’t yet led to serious action. And we did elect an African-American president.

Happy New Year! May we make steady progress towards sustainability, respect, justice, and peace for all.


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