LEGO’s Montessorian Advertising

Feministing just shared a LEGO ad which will warm the heart of any Montessorian:

According to Feministing, part of the text reads: Have you ever seen anything like it? Not just what she’s made, but how proud it’s made her. It’s a look you’ll see whenever children build something all by themselves. No matter what they’ve created.

Sadly, you have to go back to 1981 to see this ad anywhere but in archives. Their current advertising is rather more sexist and rather less Montessorian.


One thought on “LEGO’s Montessorian Advertising

  1. AAAAH!!! I almost barfed when I clicked on the “more sexist” link and that pink monstrosity popped on my screen! WHAT are they thinking??? May I just say that I ABSOLUTELY DETEST how Lego has taken ALL the creativity out of their products, and now basically force children to follow instructions to make something that somebody else designed?? Pathetic… Thanks for the reminder that once upon a time, toy manufacturers actually cared about kids.

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