The Bookshelf Challenge, Update One

This evening, I pulled out all 83 unread books and stacked them up on the floor. After reclassifying a few of them as reference — a couple bibles (no, I haven’t read it cover to cover…I am a terribly uneducated person), my siddurim, and a few math books that are too basic for me but full of good ideas for explaining things to my students — and sorted through the remainder. My Powells/Amazon/Goodwill pile is significantly bigger (a good thing, because all that money will go to buy the books I need for school next year), and I have 34 books in the to read pile. Of those, only four are serious projects: Visual Complex Analysis, Origami Design Secrets, The Road to Reality, and The Haskell School of Expression. Some of the remaining books are not easy reads, but they are unlikely to take months. Since I have a very long list of books that I really, really want to read, most of which aren’t on my bookshelf, I’m curious to see which books I’ll decide to read and which ones I’ll be inspired to get rid of.

I’ve already rid myself of several “I’ll get around to it someday” projects: Latin, Greek, Arabic, Human Anatomy, Stephen Hawking’s collection of seminal mathematical writings from the last 2000 years (which is full of cool stuff that I am never going to sit down and read), philosophy of the scientific method…I feel so much lighter after letting go of some of those projects.


One thought on “The Bookshelf Challenge, Update One

  1. Indecent Cocek says:

    Good on you, girl! One of the biggest problems of “stuff” is all that emotional baggage we attach to it. I remember helping a friend sort through 40+ years of stuff in his house, so that he could move out and on. There were so many emotional moments and meaningful stories tied up with that space and the things in it. It was like being an organizer and a psychologist at the same time. I hope I helped him achieve some peace through it.

    I have to do this kind of thing myself a couple times a year — for my clothes or my bookshelf or even my to-do list. It’s part of the process of reducing my “guilt load” and finding what’s really relevant. I just threw away my to-do list for while I’m over here. Woohoo!

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