Sane Advice on Reading the News

So after my rambling post last night about fear-mongering in the news, I ran across this post on media consumption from the blog Simple. Organized. Life. David’s basic point is, don’t get your news from American mainstream news sources, get it from the BBC, or Al Jazeera, or somewhere else. Of course, they aren’t perfect either (and on the US front, NPR is pretty good). The BBC’s science reporting is notoriously terrible, etc. But at least you hear about what’s going on outside the US, and not just what’s happening on Lost and American Idol.

And get your news once a day. Then move on with your life.

[Edited to add: Of course, the big thing on Dagens Nyheter (the major Swedish daily paper) is Crown Princess Victoria’s upcoming wedding, so it’s not just American media…(To their credit, the wedding stuff is buried at the bottom of their homepage.]


One thought on “Sane Advice on Reading the News

  1. Hasson says:

    Al Jazeera is a far cry from being unbiased, but it’s good for knowing what to look into in other sources. I like reading think tanks, and especially good for following day-to-day politics is the Council on Foreign Relation’s “Daily Brief”: “Foreign Policy” is great for serious people (unlike news pundits) trying to convince you of their opinions.

    I also read a ton of people I disagree with, or whose credibility I doubt (Ma’an, for example). It gives me things to look up later and understand the nuances of.

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